Koala causes crash between cars and ‘poses’ for photos

Koala causes crash between cars and 'poses' for photos

A very cute koala caused a huge traffic jam this morning on a major highway in the city of Adelaide, Australia. The animal caused a crash between six cars after drivers tried to avoid running on the hairy. After all the chaos, the animal was placed in a vehicle and, while awaiting rescue, “posed” for photos while driving. No one was injured in the accident.

Driver Nadia Tugwell was stuck in traffic and tasked with finding the culprit of the chaos. Trying to avoid further accidents, the woman picked up the koala with the help of other drivers and put it in her car, local website 7News reported.

“I thought everything was fine, if we don’t catch this koala now and the traffic starts moving, they will suddenly stop and there will be another bunch of cars.” I saw to my right in front there was a small koala running towards me. “

After leaving the animal in the closed vehicle, the woman looked back and saw the animal grabbing the steering wheel, as if it was “posing” for a photo.

“Oh, he was ready to ‘take off’, saying ‘come on mom, where are we going? I’m driving, ‘she joked. “He had the cutest and cutest face.”

Then the animal was removed from the car by professionals who testified that it was in excellent health and was released on property in Eagle on the Hill.

As a reminder, according to the 9News site, the animal left a deep scratch on the dashboard of his “savior” car.

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