Kovit 19. China’s capital with “serious and complex” situation

Kovit 19. China's capital with "serious and complex" situation

eDuring the Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations, which fall on the 12th of this year, the Commission encourages people to travel outside the capital if necessary. February.

Health officials said there were two new cases confirmed Found Friday in the district Suni, Northeast of the capital.

A 31-year-old woman from a case province Hebe Worker in a convenient shop selling fresh and frozen food in the village ZhangjijuangIn the Beijing district.

The other case involved a 29-year-old woman from the Northeastern Province Leoning, Now resides in the district Suni And a job Multinational North American technology.

The commission said epidemiological investigations into the two cases had been carried out and necessary control measures had been taken.

Friday, that was it too Found Or case Asymptomatic An Asian Airlines employee Based on In Beijing, he returned from South Korea and had previously been isolated for two weeks.

These cases combine into one Found Of a hotel employee in the Central District last Thursday Chicheng, Where Jangnanhai, Located the seat of the Chinese government, which led to the testing of all restaurant workers and cold chains Area, With a population of 1.5 million.

The Beijing government has urged companies not to arrange business trips outside the capital, and has advised citizens not to leave the city during Lunar New Year celebrations and for schools and businesses to plan their holidays.

SubMayor Of the city, sen In, Said it would review the rules for hosting Beijing events and would not organize large gatherings such as sports or cultural events.

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Sen also stressed that cinemas, bookstores, museums and entertainment venues should function at 75% of their capacity and that railways, airlines, airports and stations must strictly implement security measures. Disinfection e Restrictions Temperature.

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