Kyle Kuzma leaning on playoff advice from Tyson Chandler

Kyle Kuzma leaning on playoff advice from Tyson Chandler

The Los Angeles Lakers have approached the 2020 NBA playoffs with a roster of stars from Anthony Davis and LeBron James, are experienced veterans and players who have never made their way to the postseason before.

The Orlando Bubble is a hoop crash course featuring Kyle Kuzma, Alex Caruso, and Tallen Horton Tucker each making their first playoffs. They had to adapt quickly and withstand the considerable pressure that comes from playing for the championship team. So did he with James, the three-time NBA winner.

But the Lakers role players did a good job and provided considerable support when asked by all-star team members. Praised by James himself.

In the case of Kuzma, some of it comes from the advice Tyson Chandler gave him when the two were Lakers teammates. “Not many people have a chance to get to this part of the playoffs, and we can’t take it for granted.

“I’ll always remember Tyson Chandler in the second year of the league in the locker room,’I played 18 years in the league and I’ve only been to the finals once.’ It always sticks to me. Live in that moment.

“You don’t know when you’ll return to this plateau, so embrace everything, embrace it and attack it head-on. Because you don’t know if you’ll return.”

Kuzma was the Lakers’ third scorer in the playoffs, averaging 10.8 points per game and 3.5 rebounds. But that makes his shift off the bench particularly valuable, with the defense he excelled during the NBA restart.

Kuzma: Lakers didn’t’focus’ on Clippers.

The LA Clippers have long been expected to face off against the Lakers in the LA-themed Western Conference finals. However, Denver Nuggets stunned Clippers and sent their favorite players home after a seven-match thriller, and the NBA featured one of the season’s biggest painters.

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But Kuzma The Lakers didn’t think in advance that they would face the Clippers. The way to the NBA final. “We haven’t focused on Clippers and haven’t really done that. It’s about who is in front of you,” he said.

“If you focus on the other team instead of managing the food, [expletive] That happens.”

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