Lana Del Rey’s mesh-like mask criticized on social media:’We cant defend you’

Lana Del Rey's mesh-like mask criticized on social media:'We cant defend you'

Is it vinyl?

At least some people are hoping for a singer-songwriter. King’s wool After 35 years old recently wore a dazzling mesh face mask Meet and greet With the fans.

LANA DEL REY responds to criticism that she condemns the music of’GLAMORIZING ABUSE’:’I’M FED UP’.

The young star wrote “Livestream” in an Instagram video shared just before attending the autograph on Saturday.

Del Rey’s poetry collection “Violet Bent Backwards over the Grass” was originally published on July 28, but Grammy The nominee held a book signing event at Barnes & Noble, located in a Los Angeles retail hotspot. Grove.

Del Rey said in a video watched by over 1.8 million people as of Sunday afternoon, wearing a shiny mask, “I can’t wait to meet you guys.”


Given the availability of see-through masks for fashion-conscious consumers, it’s not clear whether her mask has a transparent material under the mesh design.

Representatives of Del Rey and Barnes & Noble did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

Del Rey’s followers were very critical of her choice of face mask.

With more than 3,300 likes, the top commenter of this post wrote, “Set yourself up at this point and we can’t defend you.”

“Well,” another well-received user commented.

“Lana, please wear a real mask.

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Del Rey’s sister Caroline “Chuck” Grant claimed that while she was attending the autograph, her famous little sister did a “voice test” and was standing “more than six feet away”. Independent.

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But a collection of photos Celebrity news blog Pop Crave tweeted. Shows that the singer is standing somewhat closer to some attendees.

Last month, Del Rey appeared on the cover of Interview Magazine with another dazzling mesh-like face mask.

In a tweet that interviewed magazine shared its cover on September 6th, it asked followers to wear a mask different from the one Del Rey was wearing.

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The United States is said to have more than 7.4 million confirmed cases of the coronavirus. Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Dashboard. California has 829,995 of these, with 273,699 of those who tested positive in Los Angeles.

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