Larissa Manola has confirmed the Danish artist in her film

Larissa Manoela confirma artista dinamarquesa em seu filme  - Reprodução/Instagram

Like Emanuel Arazo and Bruno Montalione, 18-year-old versatile artist Emilia Federson is also in the cast of director Bruno Carotti’s new race, the Interchange Diaries, for the big screen, such as the U Figo logo and Dudo Bor um Popstar. .

Confirming that information was Larissa Manola herself, one of the protagonists of the production along with Nurse Lopez.

While creating a post on Instagram, the actress, who is scheduled to star in Globo’s soap opera Alem da Iluசோo, did not back down and told her social media followers the news.

Filmed in Rio de Janeiro and New York in the United States, the project is produced by Anane Films and distributed by Paris Films and Downtown Films.

“A friend who came as a special gift from the life of Emilia Peterson, the moments I met with her put a smile on my face. Not only is she beautiful, she is talented and promising for our 2021,” he began, the actress and Danish singer.

Larry expressed sincere compliments to a composer.

“He has an incredible voice and the best music already released. Also, if I were allowed to spoiler it would work well too. You can see this in my film Diaries of Exchange, the reinforced celebrity commented.

“I love you and your success, Princess!” Dean finished the muse.

Larissa Manola is compared to Meryl Streep on the web

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