Lava Jato destroyed the national economy, jobs and rights, condemning the CUT

Lava Jato destroyed the national economy, jobs and rights, condemning the CUT


Lava Jado laid off thousands of jobs in the country

The persecution of Luis Inacio Lula da Silva by members of the public ministry and the judiciary, backed by corporate press vehicles, is an attack on the entire working class and the country’s economy, a conspiracy that undermines social rights. This is one of the results of Lula Livere’s schedule for ‘reclaiming Lula’s political rights’ this Friday (12).

The Department of Interim Statistics and Socio-Economic Studies (DIAS) has announced that Wagner Freidas, former vice president of Central Anika Dose TroubleHodors, is finalizing a study on the negative impact of Lava Jet activity on the national economy. .

“This study speaks to the heinous crime of car washing against Brazil, which breaks many economic chains that are contrary to US interests,” the union leader said. “Along with Lula and Dilma, Brazil was still a place to become a major competitor in the world economy. There were public and private national companies competing with international companies, mainly in the oil, gas and civil construction sectors,” he said.

Now, Freidas says, the working class must understand why restoring Lula’s political rights is a remake of what was taken from her, a part of Brazilian history. “They were never interested in cleaning up Brazil or discussing corruption. On the contrary: they used corruption and illegal practices to destroy Lula from the memory of the Brazilian people,” he argues.

According to him, “After Lula’s arrest and his withdrawal from the 2018 election, this variant, known as Jair Bolsanaro, was created in preparation for blaming the Brazilian elite, Globo and politics, and telling the worker that his place was not being contested. “

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According to Freidas, Lula rejected this justification by proving that the worker has the ability to rule Brazil and provide solutions that his predecessors could not divide. “The idea of ​​capitalism is to lift people out of poverty by including them in the economy and making them the country’s economic asset. Lula not only pursues social policy, but also economic policy, and the elites do not accept it,” he continued.

Recovering Lula’s Legacy

The importance of the entire working class in restoring justice to Lula’s legacy is due to the inclusion of the slogan #LulaInnocent in the concerted campaign moved by the union centers to vaccinate everyone, the return of emergency aid and the exit of Bolsanaro. On the 22nd, companies will promote a large motor vehicle across the country to increase the campaign. “If we win the epidemic, we will return to the streets,” he assured Friedas.

Jono Point Pedro, a member of the National Coordinating Committee for the MSD and the Lula Livere Committee, recalled that since the 2016 coup, more than 60 million people have been pushed into the abyss without income, employment, jobs and citizens’ rights.

“We are building a solidarity with all the popular forces around the vaccine, condemning the employment and emergency assistance with Fora Bolsanaro against PD and Lula,” he said. “Not only to fix the rights, but because Lula is an expression of the leadership of our people, she is the embodiment of another country project that we have been fighting for for 40 years.”

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Louis Eduardo Greenhall, one of the lawyers and founders of the PTI, recalled the first strikes on ABC Ballista in the 21st century, comparing Lula and union leaders to refusing to participate in a judicial farce woven by the military dictatorship in the late 1970s.

“The SDF has an obligation to acknowledge Morrow’s suspicion, a constitutional obligation to claim that the proceedings subject to Lula are illegal and use unlawful evidence. In a harassing way, the judge was entangled in the trial. .

“That’s why we fought against the dictatorship and reclaimed the country. Car washing was neither just nor legal, it was an instrument of political persecution and we will end up destroying history and we will show Lula and PD what really happened,” he assured.

Carol Broner, a professor at the UFRJ and founder of the Association of Legal Professionals for Brazilian Democracy (ABJD), underscored the collective effort involving people from different walks of life in the struggle to restore Lula’s political rights. “It is necessary to restore the confidence of the community in the service of the judiciary and the public prosecutor”, he recalled, however, that there is a class, elite and utterly fragmented judiciary among the members of the country in Brazil.

The lawyer supports efforts in the National Congress to open a Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CBI) into car washing. “We can no longer have a way to fight corruption that allows new activities and task forces with so much power,” he defended. “Lula’s freedom should be related to the rights of all, food at the table, and decent living. Gaining hope for the future again because hopelessness creates a breeding ground for dictatorship and hatred.

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