Leaderboard Wendell Barbosa watches Parajiu-Jitsu World Cup in USA | ac

Leaderboard Wendell Barbosa watches Parajiu-Jitsu World Cup in USA |  ac

At the top of the world rankings for parajiu-jitsu in category N, Acre Wendell Barbosa plans the 2021 season to secure a place at the World Sports Championship, which will be played in September, in California, United States.

Wendell barbosa

To ensure a place among those who will compete for the position of best in the world on North American lands, Wendell Barbosa will have two challenges on the Brazilian carpets. The first will be the South American Championship, in Rio de Janeiro, in March. In May, he contested the Brazilian championship, in Santa Catarina.

– For the first time, we are going to California. We have our program in March and now in the middle of the year, South American and Brazilian, to get strong, continue to be world number one and bring another title to Acre and Brazil – says -he.

With academies closed due to state government decree due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, he’s slowing the pace of training, but he’s confident he’ll arrive in good condition to fight for the titles in competitions.

Wendell Barbosa with gold medal won at Rio Challenge Jiu-jitsu, 2020 – Photo: Reproduction / Rede Amazônica Acre

– We are training and doing our best due to the gyms being closed. We train two or three times a week in February, hoping that from the 19th it can reopen and we can resume our normal daily training to become stronger in the championship.

+ Rio Challenge Jiu-jitsu champion, Wendell Barbosa takes the lead in the national ranking

Wendell Barbosa is seeking an unprecedented title in his career and will make his competitive debut as a purple belt.

– I don’t have that South American title yet, I have Pan American, and I certainly want to bring one more title to Acre and bring back that medal and belt also number one in the world. I just graduated from Master Peteleco, an honor. My first purple belt championship, the responsibility increases, but I’m already used to it, with this pressure, and I will definitely do my best there – he said.

* Collaboration Paulo Henrique Nascimento, from the Amazon Acre network

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