League of Legends spinoff, ruined King gets its first game trailer

League of Legends spinoff, ruined King gets its first game trailer

Ruined King: A League of Legends Story, The first single player game in the League of Legends universe has finally had its first game trailer. The trailer debuted during The Game Awards 2020 and also gives fans a glimpse of war, characters and the ruined King.

As one narrator explains to us some things about the chaotic city, the trailer opens on the port side of Bilgewater. Players will have a chance to get to Blackwater, and any evil that bothers it by using a team that can play League Champions. Illayoi, Miss Fortune, Pram, Pike, Yasuo and Ahri are there, which should give the players a strong mix League of Legends‘The most famous champions, as well as a couple of acclaimed.

When exploring the city and the caves and seas around it, it seems that you will take your team with three champions at once. Once the battle has actually started, the game shifts from an over-the-head camera to a side view as the action turns into an action-based battle. Each character will have skills that they can use to help their party members or deal damage to the enemies they face.

As for the story, it’s mostly a mystery and the trailer’s story wants to keep it that way. He mentions what the odd combination of heroes in this group is, and wonders at combining them exactly. In the final moments of the trailer, the camera reveals the ruined king through a fog – this is a character League of Legends This is a story that has never been explored in the game before.

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Ruined King Originally set to come out early next year, however, the Airship Syndicate’s development team, thereby joining the rebellion Rebellion Forge Release Plan, In 2021 Bit then chose to delay the game. Ruined King Set to appear on consoles and on the computer.

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