Leaked image before the launch of the new Suzuki Hayabusa | Motorcycles

Leaked image before the launch of the new Suzuki Hayabusa |  Motorcycles
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The new generation Suzuki Hayabusa will have more bold and aggressive lines that are yet to be fully displayed

Following the release of the first teaser video of the new generation Suzuki Hayapusa, the official image of the super sports bike leaks will be shown in full on Friday the 5th, and some details of the novelty have been discovered, according to the website Indian Autos Blog

Although the new Suzuki Hayabusa looks almost identical when viewed from the side, there were some changes that left the bike with a more modern and aggressive look, i.e. angular features such as headlight and taillight designs. It also improved the dynamics of the wind, which is important for the speed of the model.

Except for the image that appeared Instagram
, The new Suzuki Hayabusa can also be seen in the teaser video below. You can see that the taillight is now mounted horizontally. Another point that attracts attention is the exhaust vents, as well as the instrument panel, the contagios and analog speedometer instead of digital.

Among the technological advancements of the new Suzuki Hayabusa, we highlight the traction control, ABS for curves, two-way gear changer and 6 different driving modes that can be adjusted to suit the taste of the ride. Innovation sales are expected to start in 2021 in emerging markets.

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