Lego sales are soaring during the pandemic

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The Danish toy manufacturer said on Wednesday that sales increased by 14% in the first half of 2020 compared to the same period last year. CEO Niels Christiansen pointed out that investing in e-commerce is important over the following periods: A closed retail store.

As a result, Lego’s operating profit increased by 11% to $622 million.

Of this Not only lego. Game makers shed tears as social distancing restrictions have led many to find new ways to spend their time.

Nintendo’s operating profit increased 428% in the most recent quarter, with the Switch console and “Animal Crossing” games continuing to drive sales. The company’s stock price rose 35% this year.

On the other hand, toy giants like Mattel Hasbro (HAS) I had a hard time. These companies have cited pandemic-related manufacturing and distribution issues as a major hurdle during the recent quarter.
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“We entered the second quarter with widespread retail closures and distribution issues and had to absorb a full quarter of the Covid-19 impact.” Mattel (mat) CEO Ynon Kreiz said in a statement last July. Between April and June, Barbie Makers saw a 15% decline in net sales compared to 2019.

Hasbro’s share price fell 22% year-on-year, while Mattel fell 18%. The company is on the verge of holiday season and hopes to make up for the lost land.

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