Lenovo offers the ThinkReality A3 at CES

Lenovo offers the ThinkReality A3 at CES

The new smart glasses will increase the productivity of office workers and industrial employees everywhere in the small businesses, global companies and in between.

As workers become more and more distributed and hybrid work models become a new natural reality, small and large companies around the world seek intelligent, efficient collaboration and adapt new technologies to the times. Less idle time. From custom virtual monitors and 3D visualization to augmented reality (AR) assisted workflow and high-speed training, Think Reality A3 helps shift jobs across the company.

ThinkReality A3

Think Reality A3s are connected to PC or some Motorola smartphones via USB-C cable, depending on the needs of the workers during the journey. Versatile, compact and comfortable, it fits like Think Reality A3 sunglasses and can be upgraded with industrial legal options for safe and long-term use. High-speed, but not isolated, smart AR glasses are powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 operating system for high-quality performance and feature 1080p stereoscopic screens, providing the user with up to 5 virtual screens. The 8MP RGB camera expert provides 1080p video for remote application events, while dual fish-eye cameras provide room-level surveillance.

“A3s are the next-generation reality solution – light, powerful and versatile. Smart Classes is part of Lenovo’s comprehensive integrated digital solution that includes advanced AR device, Think Reality software and Motorola smartphones. It enhances the ability of employees to do more wherever they are, ”said John Bershke, Vice President, Strategy and Emerging Business, Lenovo Intelligence Device.

PC version for virtual monitors

The Think Reality A3 PC version is integrated with a laptop or mobile workstation, allowing users to set up multiple large virtual displays in their view and use Windows software and utilities. Virtual monitors expand the value of PCs, creating more productivity, privacy and high-speed experiences for sectors such as finance, architecture and engineering, as well as for any remote and mobile employees whose space and privacy are limited.

Virtual monitors are optimized and compatible with Lenovo’s leading ThinkPad notebooks and mobile workstations with Intel and AMD Raison processors.

Industrial editing for advanced decision making in complex situations

Think Reality A3 Industrial Edition integrates with select Motorola smartphones1 For AR-support and hands-free tasks in complex work environments. The Industrial Edition is supported by the Think Reality software platform, which allows business customers to create, deploy and manage globally mixed reality applications and content with global support.

For use in factory, laboratory, busy retail and hospitality displays, Tingriality Platform certified ready-made applications offer remote assistance, target workflow and 3D visualization. Industrial workers now aim to increase the production and safety of light, flexible and scalable smart glasses and reduce error rates in everyday tasks.

ThinkReality ecosystem of AR / VR solutions

On stage Think reality Helps accelerate the adoption of next-generation wearable computing from Lenovo – providing the best technology that contributes to the best workforce. With the growing cognitive cloud ecosystem of Think Reality hardware and software solutions, companies have additional options for developing and implementing hybrid reality technologies to enhance business.

Lenovo AR devices include the Think Reality A3 smart glasses and A6 headsets. The ThingReality A6 features full-featured sensors, expandable memory, 1080p resolution waveguide optics and a removable battery for prolonged use of the display mounted on the head.

VR application cases within the company are rapidly increasing from training and simulation experiences to sales, marketing and other applications. The Lenovo Mirage ™ VRS3 All-in-One Headsets are specifically designed for businesses and are ready to expand into global operations as they are the best solutions for training light capabilities. For advanced hybrid-reality and high-performance virtual reality applications, Lenovo offers a portfolio of certified workstations to work with multiple Varzo XR / VR headsets, and it is a reseller of Warzo’s human-eye resolution solutions.

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