LG Introduces New Generation QNED TVs with Minilight Technology – Computers

LG Introduces New Generation QNED TVs with Minilight Technology - Computers

At its CES 2021 Live is on presentation, LG kept thinking about the changes that people need to make last year, whether it works, reads or does shopping at home. LG took this letter to the letter while offering its products to people who are lonely, saying “pretend you’re home”.

In this sense, LG has unveiled a range of purifier purifiers based on filters and controlled fans tailored to the needs of healthcare companies. The brand has a small purgative system on its list, a mask with filters and a small cleansing machine that can be carried in the pocket or in the car. Its purification system is added to other devices, from vacuum cleaners to dishwashers, with a program of air purifying disinfectant vapors.

When it comes to home appliances, LG’s new two-door refrigerator has a transparent window so you can go inside without opening the door. Knock on the door twice and the “smoked” window will open. It also has a snow production system in many forms. It also introduced a purifier into its water tank, removing bacteria by ultraviolet rays. In washing machines, artificial intelligence detects the type of clothing in your dompola and sets the washing temperature and speed, for example. Again, the steam system removes 95% of the components that cause allergies to clothes when rinsed.

The company’s home appliances are controlled by an app that provides users with the status of equipment, maintenance and other alerts that can be useful to extend their life. Basically, it is a customized customer support system. Household appliances are constantly in contact with the application, for example, a washing machine detects situations in which the floor is not aligned, thus making unwanted noises.

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New TV projects for the living room

Pointing to living rooms, he says LG TV consumption is on the rise, with an increase of 21% in adults and 30% in the younger generation in front of screens after infection. Therefore, the brand wants to introduce new technologies in its OLED lineup in 2021, in this regard with its new LG LED Evo panel, with 55, 65 and 77 inch screens.

It is equipped with A9 Gen 4 8K artificial intelligence processor. Utilizes in-depth learning to enhance artificial intelligence and images to improve low-resolution content. The chip can detect the background objects of the shots and process them individually for better image presentation. By locating content such as landscapes and lights, they act as a beacon for general image optimization.

The chip has the ability to enhance the sound, exposing it to the surround system. In addition, it balances the audio when switching channels, thus smoothing out volume differences.

It has direct access to the remote virtual assistant and can also be used to share content between smartphones and TVs, via NFC, called the brand magic palette, which means it can touch the remote control on your mobile phone. Your OLED TVs are supported by Nvidia’s G-Sync technology, which allows you to play up to 8K at 60 FPS. For video games, there are special controls for filters and image smoothing.

The range of QNED TVs supported by Minilet is brand new. The brand claims that QNED TVs are capable of displaying images with realistic colors, while the LED panel, with nearly 30,000 mini-LEDs, allows for better contrast. The screens also have a 120 Hz refresh rate. Its list includes a total of 10 models with 4K and 8K resolution and dimensions of 85, 90, 95 and 99 inches.

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During its presentation, LG took the time to offer its virtual influence, designed by the manufacturer. Named Rhea Kim, the company was involved in the launch of the new LG gram notebooks. The system has a thin frame for a large screen area, 99% color of the DCI-P3 standard and 2560×1600 resolution. Other features that have been specially designed include the redesign of its hinge and the introduction of fingerprints on the power button. Inside are Intel’s 11th generation processors and batteries up to 80 Wh. The notebook has 14, 16 and 17 inch models.

Almost all of the brand’s products are integrated with the LG Thin Q artificial intelligence system, which can be controlled via a smartphone. In order to make the products more accessible and useful to its customers, it currently has an open platform dedicated to a collaborative ecosystem among its partners. Partners like Nestle provide barcodes on their products that can be read by AI and can automatically produce them on ovens, for example.

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