Linux copies the iPad to capture tablets and hybrids

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Everyone has been trying to copy Apple for a long time and its operating systems offer. The quality of its usability and its interface is always at stake, always focusing on the user and what he needs.

So, now another copy appears, now focusing on the iPad. Ginkgo is Linux, which searched Apple’s computer for more than inspiration. It is dedicated to tablets and hybrid systems, with a very impressive interface.

Linux was clearly impressed with the iPad

It is not possible to see all the ginkgo that Apple has brought to the iPod in recent years. It is a Linux distribution with a very well defined purpose. It is not dedicated to PCs or other devices, but focuses on tablets and hybrids with similar properties.

Developed and manufactured for touch screen devices, it has an optimal interface. The Chinese programmers who created it guarantee that it is Compatible with any x86 device, But multi-touch support provides a broader experience.

Ginkgo Linux iPados Tablets Apple

Ginkgo wants to focus on tablets

Ginkgo is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu 20.04, KTE 5.75 and Plasma Mobile 5.20. It is on top of these components that they create the interface where they typically provide applications and services associated with this distribution.

Your developers Want to change Plasma Mobile Framework, also known as JDE (Jing Desktop Environment), later this year. For this they have already prepared a barn There is no kit, Where they have not yet found the code.

Curious what Apple will say about this distribution

JingOS v0.6 will be available for download on January 31st, and its creators indicate that it is compatible with the Surface Pro 6 and the Huawei Matebook 14. It may be compatible with other devices, but these two are currently the only ones approved by Jingling.

It will often be interesting to see how Apple responds to this release. This is not the first time distributions inspired by the brand’s products have appeared ElementaryOS, But has so far taken no position to prevent its existence.

Ginkgo biloba

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