Lisa Su talks about RDNA 3 and Gen 4, promising highly competitive products

Lisa Su talks about RDNA 3 and Gen 4, promising highly competitive products

The CEO gave a press conference and talked about the development of microarchitectors

Draw. Lisa Su, CEO Yes AMD, Hosted a press conference for some major international technology and hardware sites. The President spoke about its development Zero Zen4. He also gave some details about it Performance of RDNA 3. In general, there are not many details. Was to deliver on great promise Very competitive products In the following years.

The interview was in “round table” format. The company demanded that the sites not actually copy what the CEO had responded to, unlike what is already the case. The reason for this ban is not fully explained.

Starts talking about Gen 4, AMD Projects Migrate to the AM5 operating system. The President confirmed that the company is working to introduce the new DTR5 and USB 4.0 protocols. Another highlight is the competitiveness of the next structure with competitors.

According to Lisa Su, Gen 4 should be the current goal “Brings the most competition among competing products and many CBI enhancements”. What is expected is that the company will do what it already knows with the Gen3. Instead of making big changes, small improvements are made, which greatly improves the continuum factors.

Architecture x86, For example, provides little space for improvement. Despite this, significant improvements are possible when progress is made on strategic points. Can already be seen with progress Gen 3’s IPC up 19%, Regarding the Gen 2 core.

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Although Lisa Su is not confirmed, more cores may be added. This is because it has been mentioned before that the company wants to relocate to lithography 5 Nm from DSMC Partner. There may be more Sections of CCX / CCD cores.

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In the advancement of RDNA3, the company plans to offer an architecture High performance per watt. This is a strategy that is well known to the company. AMD has improved the performance of one watt of RDNA 2 over RTNA, and it is expected to continue with the move to the next generation.

The performance of RDNA3 architecture should be further enhanced. This is why the company claims to be very competitive. Performance improvement will be an added highlight for the company compared to competitors.

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A possible release date has not yet been specified. Despite this, some speculation suggests that the Gen 4 should be officially offered by AMD December 2021. This information requires company confirmations.

Via: Tech PowerUp, Anotech

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