Lívia Andrade on BBB 21 theories: “They think I was disqualified” – Who

Lívia Andrade on BBB 21 theories: "They think I was disqualified" - Who

Lívia Andrade comments on rumors she is part of BBB 21 (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

Lívia Andrade was in a good mood when she commented on the speculation that she had been probed to participate in the Big Brother Brasil 21, on TV Globo. “End of a mystery! I did not go to Big Brother, I’m not confined, “the presenter said in the early hours of Wednesday (20.) The message was made after the announcement of the 20 participants of the reality show – split between Pipoca and Camarote.

According to Lívia, she had received many messages on the subject. “You were asking me if I was going to Big Brother. If I really went and said yes, I would automatically be disqualified, ”he said. “If I said I was invited and didn’t accept, you wouldn’t believe it. If I said I wasn’t invited, you’d say I was invited, yes, but you think I was disqualified because of a controversy, ”he added.

The presenter showed that she had already returned from vacation in the Maldives and was in Brazil, when she appeared to have a national beer. “You are going to believe what you want, you have a lot of creativity, several theories … Only Jesus in the cause. A gift for those who entered the BBB and for those who did not.”

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