Look at the night sky to find the International Space Station!

Look at the night sky to find the International Space Station!

Brian, Texas (KPDX) – Tuesday afternoon brought beautiful weather to the Bros. Valley. Tuesday night weather will give us a great opportunity to go outside and explore the International Space Station as we have clear skies as we head into the evening!

According to NASA, Visible on ISS Bryan for about three minutes on Tuesday evening at 7:10 p.m. It appears about 10 degrees above the NW horizon and disappears 47 degrees above the WSW horizon. Click Here Find the right viewing times and locations for your specific area.

After sunset, the temperature will drop near the 60 degree mark at 7 p.m. Take the extra deck with you as it will be a little cooler for outdoor projects on Tuesday evenings.

If you & # 39; ll be able to check out ISS tonight, check out some extra hours below to find the station for the rest of the week:

Date Time Minutes visible Maximum height above the horizon Appears Will disappear
Tuesday, Dec. 8 7:10 p.m. 3 min 47 degrees 10 degrees above NW 47 degrees above WSW
Wednesday, Dec. 9 6:23 p.m. 6 min 78 degrees 11 degrees above NW 11 degrees above SE
Thursday, Dec.10 7:15 p.m. 1 minute 12 degrees 12 degrees above SW 10 degrees above SSW
Friday, December 11th 6:28 p.m. 2 min 23 degrees 23 degrees above SW 10 degrees above S

(Schedule information courtesy of NASA)

Click Here Get an idea of ​​where you can find ISS in the sky from your backyard!

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