Look at the sky for the rest of October

Look at the sky for the rest of October

Brian, Texas (KBTX) Until late October, the night sky is full of plenty of opportunities to keep an eye on the sky, and everything starts on Tuesday evening.

Mars opposite

The Red Planet is in Earth’s closest orbit this year and will never be close again until September 2035. This close approach (more than 38.5 million miles) occurred on October 6, 2020, and will allow Mars to look. Very bright throughout October.

The evening of the 13th is when Mars is against. This phenomenon occurs when two planets are positioned exactly on opposite sides of the sun. That is, in this case, the Earth is positioned exactly between Mars on one side and the Sun on the other. The opposition occurs at 6pm CDT. When this happens, the moment the sun sets to the west, Mars begins to rise from the east. Then, on Wednesday morning, when the sun rises, Mars is setting in the western sky.

Opposition occurs on average every two years. This is because Mars takes twice as long to travel around the Sun than Earth Revolution.

Since there is little light pollution from the moon or clouds, when the sun goes down, Mars will look very bright in the eastern sky.(KBTX)

With little cloud cover, viewers of Brazos Valley should appreciate the wonderful Mars as Mars rises tonight and shines brightly. Sunset is Tuesday at 6:56 PM.

Orionids meteor shower

One of the biggest meteor showers of the year is when Earth is turning around the corner as it passes through Halley’s Comet’s debris. This provides an amazing show of shooting stars across the night sky until the end of October when the sky is clear. The meteor shower is visible from October 2nd to November 7th, but peaks on Wednesday, October 21st.

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The best way to see this meteor is to find a spot away from the city’s light and give your eyes 20 to 30 minutes to adapt to the darkness. The good news is that the night leading up to the peak, the moon making a darker sky with comets noticeable, sets before midnight, and a crescent moon, which further limits the sky’s light pollution, is expected to occur on the 16th. .

full moon

The presence of a new moon in the middle of the month means that the full moon is at the corner. There are two full moons this October. The first occurred on October 1st and was called Harvest Moon. The second happens on Halloween on October 31st. This is known as the hunter’s moon.

It is rare that there are two full moons per month, but when they do occur, they are called blue moons. Each full moon cycle lasts 29 days and, similar to a leap day, a second full moon occurs within a month, making up the time. This happens on average every two and a half years on instances before March 2018.

Make time to go outside and enjoy the sights the rest of October has to offer. If you can take great pictures or videos, please share with us! Click here Submit a photo or video.

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