Looking for a tiger found in the Knoxville Industrial Park, Tennessee.

Authorities in Knoxville, Tennessee, are searching for a tiger that was spotted on Wednesday night.

According to the press release, the deputy director of the Knox County Sheriff’s Office saw an animal in the Forks of the River Industrial Park east of the city.

Another sighting was reported on Thursday morning a few miles away, according to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA).

TWRA spokesman Matt Cameron told CNN that wildlife officers are patrolling the area, but there are no more sightings or traces of animals.

TWRA set traps to catch tigers, but there was no activity, so they were removed around noon on Thursday, Cameron said.

The agency is asking local residents to check footage from security cameras to see if they have caught a big cat, the spokesman said.

The sheriff’s patrol and AirWatch searched the tiger with animal control at the Knoxville Police Department, the sheriff’s office said.

representative Tiger Haven, an unkillable tiger sanctuary According to the Sheriff’s Office, they are helping the search in Kingston, Tennessee. Tiger Haven is about 50 miles southwest of where the tigers were found.
CNN series WVLT Knoxville Police I received several calls overnight from people who thought they had seen a tiger, and staff answered one call on Thursday morning.

I don’t know where the tiger came from.

Knoxville Zoo, Facebook post on Thursday In the morning, he said it wasn’t one of the big cats.

“We want to assure everyone that the zoo Knoxville Malayan tigers Arya, Bashir and Tanvir are all safely documented. Our team is waiting to support if needed,” the zoo wrote.

The sheriff’s office is urging residents to contact you if they spot a tiger.

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