Loop Hero – Winner of the “Devolver Digital 2021 Coty Awards” to be released to PC next year

Loop Hero - Winner of the "Devolver Digital 2021 Coty Awards" to be released to PC next year

Unpredictable publisher Return to Digital Hat Loop Hero, Unlimited old school adventure from mysterious developer Four quarters, Revealed. The title, which won the prestigious Developer Digital 2021 Game of the Year award at the Sports Awards, will be released to PC early next year.

The world is in a timeless cycle that plunges everything into endless chaos. In order to unite the memories of your brave hero and restore balance to the world, you place enemies, buildings and terrain along the path of each unique journey.

Find powerful objects for each class and equip them to face strong enemies. Open up new classes, maps and awkward guards in your quest to destroy the endless cycle and expand the camp of survivors to be the best for the adventure.

Your hero’s journey is always different from previous adventures. Only those who are brave and well-armed can defeat the impure guards to save the world and break Lich’s time war.

Searching loophero.com To learn more about Loop’s secrets, each visit reveals more secrets …

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