Lord Keen: Attorney Proposes Resignation for Brexit Bill Row

Lord Keen: Attorney Proposes Resignation for Brexit Bill Row

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Lord Keen, the Scottish judge of the British government, offered the prime minister to resign.

The BBC Scotland understands that it is difficult for the advocate general to adjust plans for legally disregarding the Brexit withdrawal agreement.

Lord Keane’s resignation has not yet been accepted on Downing Street.

Glenn Campbell, the BBC’s top political correspondent for Scotland, said there seems to be an effort to persuade the judges to remain in place.

Chief Attorney of the Government-Sir Jonathan Jones, Senior Secretary of the Government Legal Department- I have already resigned for legislation., Passed the first Congressional test on Monday.

  • PM’s Brexit bill removes Commons’ first hurdle.

This row is centered around the UK Government’s Internal Markets Bill. Lawmakers said “can violate international law” By fiscaling the withdrawal contract concluded with the EU

Since then, Sir Keen insisted in the Senate that “the bill itself does not constitute a violation of international law or the rule of law.”

He said Lewis “answered an essentially wrong question.”

However, the Northern Ireland secretary has doubled, saying his statement is a “very frank answer” that “absolutely matches” legal advice.

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Media captionBrandon Lewis said he gave the “correct” answer when asked if an internal market law would violate international law.

BBC political editor Laura Kuensburg said that Sir Keane’s resignation had been rumored for several days and ultimately “after Brandon Lewis contradicted him this morning.”

Richard Keen was chairman of the Scottish Conservatives until he was appointed Advocate General in 2015. He is Elie’s Baron Keen, a lifelong fellow.

QC represented the UK government in several major events, including the 2019 Congressional Consolation and the 2016-17 “Article 50” Brexit case.

As a legal officer in the UK government, Lord Keen is advocating a plan to give ministers the power to change the EU withdrawal agreement if both sides cannot agree on a trade deal.

He insisted that this part of the UK’s internal market legislation creates tensions and international obligations in the UK, but this is not unprecedented and that domestic law should take precedence.

The problem is that Northern Ireland secretary Brandon Lewis has already said that ignoring the Brexit divorce deal would violate international law “in a very specific and restrictive way” and rejected Sir Keane’s offer that he replied incorrectly.

This made it increasingly difficult to keep the government’s plans in line with the law, and on Wednesday morning offered the prime minister to resign.

It wasn’t immediately accepted and the government seemed to persuade him to stay.

Sir Keane will be the first government member to give up access to the matter, which has been criticized by all five former Attorney Generals and former Prime Ministers.

What is the Internal Market Bill?

The bill sets out rules for the operation of UK internal markets, such as trade between the UK, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland after the January Brexit transition period.

suggestion :

  • No new checks for goods moving from Northern Ireland to the UK
  • It authorizes the UK Minister to amend or “cancel” the rules relating to the movement of goods, which will take effect from January 1, if the UK and EU cannot reach an alternative agreement through a trade deal.
  • Authority to ignore previously agreed obligations for state assistance-government assistance to enterprises

The measure states that these powers should apply even if they are not compatible with international law.

The ministers said legislation is needed to prevent tariff “damage” on goods traveling to Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK if negotiations with the EU on a free trade agreement fail.

However, some high-ranking Conservatives, including former Prime Minister John Major, have warned that they risk undermining Britain’s reputation as an advocate of international law.

This bill also Controversial with the delegated government, We are concerned about how the UK’s “internal market” operates after Brexit and who sets the regulations and standards.

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Media captionLeyen: UK and EU “joint agreement” on withdrawal agreement

Meanwhile, European Commission Chairman Ursula van der Raien warned that Britain could not unilaterally withdraw the agreement to withdraw.

She said on Wednesday that the agreement was the only way to ensure the Northern Ireland peace process, and warned that the agreement would weaken confidence in Britain.

  • PM defends against planned Brexit transaction changes
  • What is a Withdrawal Consent Invoice?

Last week, the eighth round of trade negotiations began after Brexit between the UK and the EU.

Both sides are working to secure negotiations before the end of the December 31 transition period, and if no agreement is reached, the UK will apply General World Trade Organization (WTO) rules.

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