Louis Godinho’s permission – Dragons do not leave Ottavio for fear of FC Porto

Louis Godinho's permission - Dragons do not leave Ottavio for fear of FC Porto

Ottovio is fit and will play in the first leg of the Portuguese Cup semi-final. Was able to go into the game against Prague. However, Sergio Concino balanced all the factors, and since Louis Godinho was the FPF’s CA-appointed referee for the meeting, there is a risk that the Blues and whites will understand what happened in FC Porto-Benfica and be allowed into the violent game. , Was placed out of the player selections to prevent the risk of aggravating the injury.

In this sense, the best news for the Dragons is that 26-year-old Ottevio has already recovered from a hamstring strain in his left thigh against Gil Vicente in the previous fight of the Portuguese Cup. In this sense, and with the approval of the medical department, it will be a boost for Derby with Bovista taking place next Saturday, but will welcome Juventus next Wednesday, eliminating them from the 16 Champions League round at the start of the double clash. In Draco, after playing the classic against Benfica, referee Luis Kodinho was in FC Porto’s view, where Eforrance was accused of not punishing the aggression shown by the red players enough. By its official means, the Invicta logo claims to be outsourcing Busy, Nuno Tavares and Vertonghen. In total, 43 abuses were reported, of which 26 were for spectators, but only one red card touched Torrey and entered through Ottamendi.

Besides, Godinho is the 2nd umpire at the main level, which points out in most games, averaging 36.82 in 11 games. However, this is only the 5th place in the yellow cards shown for a match and the 13th place for being eliminated per match.

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The controversial history of the FC Porto players with Louis Godinho goes a long way, given all the factors involved and the competitiveness in the range, the clash with SP Prague for the championship was already evident (due to his toughness in running, Gozio in Sergio Despite the show, he showed that he was in a position to return to the tournament immediately, from which he has been sidelined since January 29th.

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