Louis Vuitton launches face shield with golden studs to protect luxury buyers from coronavirus

Louis Vuitton launches face shield with golden studs to protect luxury buyers from coronavirus

Writer Alaa Elassar, CNN

As the end of the coronavirus epidemic is invisible, protective face wear seems to be staying here.

But who said you should be a fashion killer?

Louis Vuitton launches a premium face shield designed to keep fashionistas styling and healthy during this uncertain time.

The French couture brand said in a statement that “the LV shield catches the eye with a stylish and protective headpiece.”

The shield changes from sunny to dark in sunlight, protecting the wearer from the sun. It also features gold studs engraved with the Louis Vuitton brand name and an elastic monogram headband. The visor can also be worn upwards with a classic pointed cap, Louis Vuitton said.

Pricing has yet to be announced, but it is unlikely to be cheap as a luxury fashion brand. Other Louis Vuitton headwear, including hats and sunglasses, sell for hundreds of dollars.

Face shields will be available online and in select Louis Vuitton stores starting October 30th.

In April, Louis Vuitton joined a global effort to create personal protective equipment to support healthcare workers at the forefront of the epidemic. The company said Repurpose Several workshops across France have “produced hundreds of thousands of masks” for healthcare workers.

The brand also said it has donated thousands of hospital gowns to six Parisian hospitals in urgent need of protective equipment.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are currently recommend The use of face shields as a substitute for a mask is because the level of protection they provide is not clear.

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