Louisiana Corona virus: 1,513 new cases, hospitalization 122; See latest data | Corona virus

Louisiana Corona virus: 1,513 new cases, hospitalization 122;  See latest data |  Corona virus

The Louisiana Department of Health reported a further 1,513 confirmed corona virus cases and 16 deaths in the Sunday noon update.

Hospital admissions increased by 122 to 1,196.

Sunday numbers reflect data worth two days; The Department of Health will not release case numbers on Saturdays.

An additional 128 cases were reported on Sunday.

These are the key figures across the state as of Sunday:

– Total confirmed cases: 220,309

– Confirmed total deaths: 6,152

– Currently hospitalized: 1,196

– Currently on ventilators: 125

– Assumed to have been recovered: 192,488 as of November 22 (weekly updated)

Note: Based on the difference between today’s total and yesterday’s confirmed corona virus cases, the lawyer and the Times-Picayoon staff calculate the daily increase in the number of cases. The Louisiana Department of Health publishes a daily number of cases on Twitter based on the elimination of fake cases. That case number may be different than the one listed here.

Here are some parishes with a two-day increase in confirmed corona virus cases, according to Sunday’s report:

  • Jefferson Parish: 217
  • East Baton Rouge Parish: 129
  • Orleans Parish: 117
  • St. Dhammani Parish: 99
  • Lafayette Parish: 78
  • Ovachita Parish: 77
  • Tongipohowa Parish: 65

You can find additional maps and charts that break down data By clicking here.

Louisiana began reopening to Phase 1 on May 15-16, then moved to Phase 2 on June 5th. Louisiana Gov. John Bell Edwards extended Louisiana’s Phase 2 restrictions twice in August. , Edwards moved the state to a modified Phase 2 in response to increasing cases.

This is a growing story. More details and analysis are yet to come.

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