LSU moved out of Alabama earlier this week, and Argon wants to modify the game

LSU moved out of Alabama earlier this week, and Argon wants to modify the game

The Alabama-LSU game earlier this week was not enough for the Tigers to move on to next week already.

Wednesday morning S.E.C.

“At the beginning of the week, we were going all the way to Arkansas,” Oregon said. “We didn’t think the Alabama game would happen, and then we might have thought it could happen, so we went back to Alabama.

Of course, the SEC announced on Tuesday that the Alabama-LSU game would be postponed. No makeup date has been set and Argon is not clear on where things stand.

“Your guess is as good as mine,” he said Wednesday. “I’ve heard a lot of things, I don’t know about that, but whenever they tell us to play, we’re ready to play.”

And O’Connor said they definitely want to play Tight at the top.

“We look forward to rescheduling the game against Alabama,” he said. “We want to play Alabama. It’s a great match for us against a great football team and we want to accept that challenge. ”

For now, they are heading to the scheduled game next Saturday in Arkansas. Orgon said the Tigers (2-3) will resume training for razorbacks on Wednesday with a list strictly defined by COVID-19 issues.

LSU Bunder Zack von Rosenberg was the backup quarterback on Tuesday and even threw a touchdown pass.

“The whole team was excited,” Oregon said.

The Alabama adjourned news was released shortly before they took the field.

“We had one of our best practices yesterday,” Oregon said Wednesday. “We found out we weren’t playing Alabama before the kids were extended to the crowd. I told them we weren’t playing this week. We’re reviewing Alabama. We will (for Tuesday) be to Alabama. They had a lot of energy. I had a bit of a break.

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