‘Lupine’: An event witnessed by millions – a way of life

'Lupine': An event witnessed by millions - a way of life

In recent years, the international popularity of works outside the regular anglophone spectrum has increased. ‘Casa de Papal’, which made a modest impact when it was first screened on the Spanish channel Antenna 3, became a global event since it entered the Netflix list, while the Oscar for Best Picture went to the South Korean film ‘Parasites’, written by Pong Jun-ho.

2021 was no exception, and in the first month, came a series that broke records on the North American stage. Developed by George K. and Franசois Hussein, The French series ‘Lupine’ tells the story of the son of a Senegalese immigrant who immigrated to France, who was inspired by the legends of the iconic character Arsene Lupine and became a professional thief..

The series debuted on January 8, reaching 70 million homes worldwide, according to Netflix, immediately surpassing series such as ‘Bridgeton’ and ‘O Compido de Toma’, and Established itself as the first French series to reach the ‘Top 10’ on stage in the United States.

The key role is in the hands of Omar Xi, who was already at the center of a similar event in 2011 When he co-starred with the French film ‘Improveable Friends’, Was a great success abroad as well. The 43-year-old actor has already used his personal Twitter to thank fans of the series: “70 million, this is crazy! I’m so proud to be the first French Netflix original ‘Lupine’ to have this international success! Nothing is possible without it. Thank you all.”

The series consists of two parts, each consisting of five episodes, with its first screening on January 8th. There is no official Netflix date yet for the arrival of the second part.

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