Lupine’s mistake Netflix fans can’t ignore; Check

Lupine's mistake Netflix fans can't ignore;  Check

Lupine debuted on Netflix in early January and soon won over an international audience! The French series made history by becoming the first product in the country to debut in the top 10 most viewed locations in the United States.

Lupine, played by Omar Sai (X-Men: Days of Future Past), follows the story of Assange Diop, a professional thief who uses his ingenuity, charm and tricks to avenge a powerful family – the cause of his father’s death.

Suitable for marathons, there are only 5 chapters in the first part of Lupine! A lot of people finished production in a single day, and a lot of fans are looking forward to the first scene of the next wave of episodes.

With no new episodes open, fans have shared a hole in the script of the series on social networks!

Check it out below!

Most of the audience loved Lupine’s story, but still, some fans realized that some parts of the series’ big puzzle didn’t fit so well.

According to Reddit users, Lupine’s big mistake happens in the fifth episode of the series.

In most of Lupine’s plot, the protagonist Assange is portrayed as an invincible criminal. He manages to escape from any problem with well-thought-out plans and the ability to anticipate future possibilities.

According to Netizen, all the changes in the fourth episode are the end of the first part.

Assange oversees a journalist who in the past tried to destroy Hubert Bellegrini, believing that the person the protagonist believed was responsible for his father’s death.

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Assange plans to find an old videotape of journalist and criminal Bellegrini’s crimes and spread the video on social media.

Instead of simply posting the video, the protagonist mentions the content on Twitter.

Later, Assange contacts a TV station and decides to expose Pellegrini’s scams directly. Even in disguise, the protagonist is surprised by the content of the tape – edited by the editor of the program.

Bellegrino “bought” the show’s host, who edited all the allegations in the video.

Reddit users pointed out how ridiculous this development was, especially compared to the rest of the series.

“The plot of the video makes no sense! It would not have been on TV even decades ago. Assen hacker has skills and understands technology, but is he not smart enough to make a copy of the original video? ”He asked a fan on the social network.

Another fan says Assen should be in the top 10 in front of everyone, but he still has no qualms about making a copy of that video.

“How did he not make a digital copy of the most important evidence in the case? This does not make sense,” the observer commented.

Lupine’s first season is available on Netflix.

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