Luxurious Resident Affinity at Serangoon

Oxley Holdings Limited joint venture SLB Development Limited, Apricot Capital, and KSH Holdings Limited have formed Affinity, a new residential development brand. The construction site consists of 1052 homes, three rows of street houses, and five shops with 88 installations and is 296,913 sq ft. House options vary from one bedroom to four bedrooms, the penthouse, and the Strata House, affinity at serangoon. The Serangoon affinity is surrounded by a wide range of facilities and convenient transport.


Serangoon will provide its residents with higher services, more leisure opportunities, and better transport connectivity. New process possibilities can also emerge from the boom of the Serangoon Sub-regional Centre. Potential homeowners in affinity at serangoon balance units still view Serangoon because of its critical location and complete range of amenities as an enticing desire. Serangoon is a town with 244 apartments and seven blocks, with units between 1,625 and 1,733 sq ft.


The owners agreed to earn between 1.6 and 1.7 million USD, but each owner receives a whopping $2 million in return for the much higher purchase cost. The total protected area of  affinity at the serangoon floor plan is 296,913 sq ft, placed on a triangular-shaped piece of land. An Immobiliare developer has an expertise and track record that is also crucial in assessing whether home buyers choose their homes. 


A developer with the right experience and skills to realize an extensive and dynamic project called Affinity at Serangoon The Oxley Serangoon Consortium. Prices can change at any time to view, affinity at serangoon price. Before issuing a check, please contact your salesperson. Since you cannot send all prices to us on its website, you can also send your request for affinity prices through the contact form to contact your vendor or at a price for a particular unit. Please be aware that all information here is better revised and not part of the contract. 


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A total of 1,052 units of 1 to 5 bedrooms, single, couples and families of all sizes are given. The apartments are completed with an addition to each other. The residential project consists of 88 facilities, so the future society of the tenants has no compromises on lifestyle and leisure activities. Using this site information does not make any allegations or damages—Serangoon affinity. The closest station on the North-East Line is Kovan, which is only a half kilometers away, and affinity at Serangoon will be a 5-minute walk to the new Serangoon Northern MRT stop and Cross Island Line. 


Hougang on the same side is a little further down, and Serangoon on the Circle Line. Serangoon, located at Serangoon North Avenue 1, was purchased  and is a related series of recent collective sales. A consortium controlled by Oxley Holdings, which had a 40% stake in the firm, purchased the former properties. The other parties include Lian Beng, Apricot Capital and Special Invesco Pte Ltd. Learn more about Affinity at Serangoon and arrange for an exclusive discount and viewing with the developer sales team.

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