Maduro summons Bolsonaro to announce permanent oxygen supply to Manas – News

Maduro summons Bolsonaro to announce permanent oxygen supply to Manas - News

“We are making deals to send oxygen to Manas permanently. The gesture of love. The answer given by Bolzano [ao envio de oxigénio para o Brasil] This is disgusting, disgusting, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

During an interview with Brazilian portal Opera Mundi aired by state television channel Venezuela de Televiso (VTV), Nicolas Maduro spoke in Castilian, in which he stressed the need to thank Brazilian President Jair Bolzano for the gesture.

“I had to say ‘thank you, thank you very much,'” he said in Portuguese.

Maduro called for the abandonment of “the ideological struggle between Trump, Jair Bolsanaro of Brazil and us and the left.”

“In the moment of saving lives, ideology must be set aside and the focus must be on saving human life.”

“Brazil should know that it is our duty to be in solidarity with the Amazon. We want to strengthen the brotherhood, brotherhood and mutual cooperation so that the border between Brazil and Venezuela is peaceful and united, ”he said.

Maduro explained that oxygen had recently been sent to Brazil at the initiative of Venezuelan workers, adding that Venezuela “has a structure built by the Bolivarian Revolution, which has withstood the occupations of the administration that have been destroyed over the past two years. [norte-americana] From [Donald] Trump ”.

On the other hand, he said he hoped Jair Bolzano would refuse to meet him because he was “afraid” of him.

“You’re scared, you don’t want to look me in the eye, seriously,” the Venezuelan president insisted, “if the” miracle “of a meeting ever happens, he will” stretch out his hands “and both” must “understand each other” “.

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“As long as he is president of Brazil and I am of Venezuela, we must have the capacity for government because we are heads of state, listening to what we have to say, speaking and cooperating,” he stressed.

“If Jair Bolzano had picked up the phone and called to tell him he needed oxygen, he would have searched for it in time, and that emergency would not have been there,” Maduro insisted.

“Many things we would have solved with a phone call,” he said.

On January 17, Nicolas Maduro announced that he would send humanitarian support to the people of Venezuela “Manas, the oxygen needed to fight Covit-19.”

The aid came through land on Jan. 20 with 14,000 individual oxygen cylinders, equivalent to 136,000, helping to hospitalize the hospital in Manaus, the second largest city in the Brazilian Amazon.

Amazonas is facing a serious health crisis, with dozens of patients being forced to relocate to other Brazilian states due to a lack of hospital beds, oxygen and other equipment. This lack of oxygen caused the deaths of dozens of civilians due to suffocation, mainly in Manas.

Next to the United States, the Portuguese-speaking country is Brazil, which has one of the worst casualties in the world, with the second-highest number of deaths (more than 222,000 deaths, more than 9.1 million cases).

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