Maha Vajiralongkorn, the $40 billion king of Thailand, lacks friends at home and abroad.

Maha Vajiralongkorn, the $40 billion king of Thailand, lacks friends at home and abroad.

Thailand’s billionaire king lacks friends at home and abroad.

King Maha Bahiral Longkorn, who spends most of his time in Germany with a modern harem of up to 20 female actors in hotels in the Bavarian Alps is now I got a warning from Angela Merkel’s government. It does not conduct state business on German land.

His residence, which was revealed when the hotel requested special permits at the onset of the coronavirus crisis, became the spark of unprecedented protests in Thailand against repressed states and demigods.

The protests were fueled by reports of the king’s enormous wealth, estimated by London. Financial Times Between $30 billion and $40 billion, After the leaders of the successful 2014 coup effectively controlled the national funds directly. He is believed to be The richest king in the world. Records of splendid life at the Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl in Garmish-Partenkirchen all include the fourth wife of 20 of his juniors who were endowed with the same honor, but not conducive to his national or international image.

Being one of the king’s girlfriends is not without risk. However, as the fate of his “official” mistress Sineenat Wongvajirapakdi (35 years old) shows, the name Chao Khun Phra means “royal noble spouse” immediately after his marriage. The fourth wife, Queen Suti.

In October 2019, it was announced that Shinny Nhat had been deprived of the title in a palace statement saying “Thank you” for establishing a rivalry with Queen Sutida.

She is believed to have spent 10 months in prison, but with a statement published in the government’s royal officials earlier this year, she has been restored to her previous position. Sineenat is “not contaminated” Therefore, he deserves the title of the royal noble spouse and all her previous positions within the palace.

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Daily bistro Recent report, Vajiralongkorn is also claimed to have built a special fleet of 38 jets and helicopters for exclusive use by the Thai royal family.

Reports of his medieval privileges, which were not delivered by local mainstream media due to strict bans, now flow back into the country via social media and Facebook. Thailand earlier this year Trying to get facebook Eliminate groups that have more than a million members but criticize the failed monarchy.

Because of his overseas presence, he “GermanBy some protesters.

Although he returned to Thailand on Saturday and is expected to remain there by the end of this month, the king’s de facto residence in Bavaria has also started raising eyebrows in Germany. The Merkel government said last week that the Thai king should suspend state-run business while in Germany.

German Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Adebar said the government Repeated emphasis on Thai ambassadors He added to Berlin that “the state’s diplomacy should not be pursued in German lands.” “We made our position very clear.”

This issue even applied to the German Parliament. Frithjof Schmidt, a member of the opposition Greens’ House of Representatives, asked why the German government had allowed the king to participate in Bavaria’s domestic politics. Foreign Minister Heiko Maas responded, “We will always definitely respond to the efforts of our guests to carry out state affairs in our country.”

Schmidt, along with many Germans, is very uncomfortable with the fact that his country can effectively provide a headquarters for the oppressive regime. Schmidt cites the role of a king who unilaterally prevents his sister Princess Ubolatana Raja Kanya from running for nomination. Election March 24.

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The movement against the princess was widely recognized as additional evidence of a fierce race by the general, the prime minister and leader of the 2014 coup in Thailand. Prayut Chan ErrorThe 250 senators who helped in the selection of parliamentarians had an unfair advantage because they were simply elected by the Ministry of Defense.

Strict laws preventing direct criticism of the monarch, his family, and even his pets are being publicly and widely rejected for the first time as part of an ongoing student-led protest against the government.

Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak “is the biggest problem in Thailand. that much Financial Times. “The royal institution has enough money to interfere with politics.

“If I don’t speak now, when should I speak?”

In recent months, opponents of the command and privileges of the Thai royal family have become bolder: Rally of student protesters against school I saw their numbers swell. Thailand is Coronavirus Infectious Disease-19: Corona 19 And the collapse of important tourism trade.

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