Mankind will be published in the Brazilian Portuguese language



Mankind, A new method based historical strategy game Broadcast Studios Yes Sega, Will be published with full support for the Brazilian Portuguese language, including the interface and subtitles. In order to further attract Brazilian soldiers interested in rewriting human history, this evidence will be available from the first day of its introduction.

In Mankind, Warriors combine 60 different cultures to create a unique civilization that dates from the Stone Age to the present. Each culture contributes differently to the game, leading to almost infinite combinations.

In addition, players must make impact-making decisions, master scientific discoveries and tactical battles Mankind.

With so many possibilities, not to mention the historical and cultural content Mankind, The availability of the game in Portuguese language will allow all Brazilians to enjoy this experience without any restrictions.

“We know that Brazilians are interested in electronic games, and among them, there is a solid base of strategic title enthusiasts. For this reason, Brazil is a very important part of us, so we work hard to provide reliable translation into the local Portuguese language. We hope the Brazilians will enjoy it. Mankind Make the most of the unique features that the game has to offer, ”says Romain de Wabert, Creative Director.

Mankind Available in advance order now: HUMANKIND போது Digital Deluxe Edition when purchased in advance Steam, Epic Sports Shop Or in Official website With the game, you get 15% discount and exclusive bonus content.


Exclusive Pre-Order Bonus Content:

  • Boud Tika Avatar Gallery;
  • Decoration for the player’s profile and set of symbols.
  • The digital deluxe version includes the following:
  • HUMANKIND digital version;
  • HUMANKIND Digital Soundtrack (.mp3)
  • Technology and Unit Tree Poster (.pdf)
  • Notre Dame-Humankindண்ட் Gallery and many more!
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Mankind Released on April 22, 2021 for PC, Mac OS and Google Play.

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