Manu Gavassi plays on the Netflix YouTube channel

Manu Gavassi plays on the Netflix YouTube channel
Manu Gavassi in The Client Is Always Right, by Netflix (Photo: Reproduo / Netflix)

Manu Gavassi has shown himself to be a very complete artist and creator, participating in all the processes behind a work, from screenplay to executive production and performance. This time, the singer, actress and entrepreneur joined Netflix for a very relaxed promotional video, published on the official channel of the Youtube platform this Monday 02/15.

In The customer is always right, Manu plays an attendant at the customer service center, where he evaluates viewers’ suggestions. “If you have any other suggestions for improving my shows and movies, you can comment below,” Netflix wrote in the video description.

The partnership between Manu Gavassi and the streaming service seems to be well in phase. The Maldives series, with it, Bruna Marquezine, Sheron Menezzes e Carol Castro it’s one of the most anticipated premieres for 2021. In the meantime, she’s playing her own version of Elizabeth Harmon.

Manu Gavassi playing Elizabeth Harmon, from The Queen’s Gambit (Photo: Reproduo / Netflix)

The format adopted in the promotional video seems to have pleased the public. We just have to wait to see if we will have Manu playing other famous characters from the Netflix series in other videos from. The customer is always right.

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