Manu Gavassi publishes a new click on a private island

Manu Gavassi posta novo clique em ilha particular - Reprodução/Instagram

And the journey continues … Everyone already knows that Manu Gavassi will enjoy the New Year on a private island, alongside friends Rafa Kalimann, Bruna Marquezine and Thelma Assis.

After appearing in Rafa’s stories in his most thoughtful and introspective way, Manu shared this Tuesday (29) click on the beach.

The old BBB appeared from afar, placing more emphasis on the natural landscape of the mysterious place.

In the comments, Carol Castro joked: “Maldives?”

The most famous did not divulge the address of the island, but according to the Metrópoles portal, the paradise is located in Angra dos Reis, in Rio de Janeiro.

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Marquezine and Manu Gavassi series details on Netflix

Yes, soon, Bruna Marquezine and Manu Gavassi will brighten up our Netflix in a new production. After their friendship becomes mega-public, with Bruna encouraging a task force for the friend who was at Big Brother Brasil, the two enjoy a very cool moment, which involves combining the useful with the enjoyable, c that is, nothing better than working with your best friend, right?

Cat! Bruna Marquezine poses in lingerie and leaves the canvas drooling

After having presented the MTV award together, they will now play in the Maldives series, alongside Klébber Toledo and Sheron Menezzes. The storyline promises to please the public, as it combines good humor, mystery and an unmatched cast ratio.

In the story, Bruna will be Liz, a young woman who leaves Goiânia to move to Rio de Janeiro in order to find answers about the death of her mother, who died in a fire surrounded by mystery. Giving a name to the series, upon arriving in Rio, Liz moves to a condominium called Maldives, where she will meet different people, with unique personalities and great stories.

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Manu Gavassi is one of the Maldivian residents group and is one of the hottest personalities in the place. Married to plastic surgeon, Victor Hugo, role of Klébber Toledo, Milène, seems to have the perfect life, but hey everything that seems to be.

To give the cast even more weight, the story features Sheron Menezzes, playing Rayssa, a former singer-focused turned influential businesswoman, and Kat, played by Carol Castro, who lives with her house-to-house husband,

With its premiere slated for 2021, the Maldives promotion is already heavy and the cast is releasing some behind-the-scenes details, giving a taste of the show’s look and what’s to come.

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