Marano defends bio-economy on Amazon in meeting with international investors – Eboca Negasios

Marano defends bio-economy on Amazon in meeting with international investors - Eboca Negasios

Hamilton Morano (Photo: Walter Campanado / Agensia Brazil)

Vice President Hamilton Morano met with 29, international investors today. The President of the Amazon National Council, Mario, during the virtual edition of the World Economic Forum this week, said that the private sector investment in protecting and developing the bio-economy in the region Amazonian.

The Investor Dialogue (IPDT) initiative on public policies against deforestation is a group of 55 international investment funds responsible for managing $ 7 trillion. In July 2020, Morno met with the group for the first time. In a note, the vice president said that Mauri had given investors the “Amacro” initiative, a pilot project to promote sustainable growth over an area of ​​450,000 km2, which is scheduled to launch in April.

Previously, once the Vice President took office, the purpose of the project was to integrate projects such as land regulation and deforestation, with space to allocate resources to the private sector. In a video conference, Mario called on investors to contribute to the work of the Amazon Council, as well as measures to improve the business environment.

He also cited the results of Operation Verde Brazil 2 of the Armed Forces in confiscating illegal trees. The military has been operating in the area since May 2020 and has a partnership with federal police to determine the origin of the traded tree. The move is set to end on April 30. According to Moranov, there are no arrangements to extend the permanence of the armed forces in the region. Speaking to reporters on Friday, the 29th, the vice president pointed out that resources are needed outside the budget to maintain the military. He opined that illegal deforestation could be reduced through the concerted efforts of civil agencies.

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