Marcus Stroman says’ no amount of money ‘can make him play for White Sox’ Tony La Rusa

Marcus Stroman says' no amount of money 'can make him play for White Sox' Tony La Rusa

Marcus Stroman He will be one of the most coveted pitchers in this office, and he will eventually pick up trash where he wants to sign.

As a team, has he already crossed his list? The Chicago White Socks.

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During an exchange on Twitter, Stroman responded to ESPN’s Jeff Bason’s tweet that he wrote about Tony La Rusa, the new manager of White Sox, who withdrew his second DUI fee in February. He pleaded guilty to DUI offense in 2007 after falling asleep at a traffic light in Florida. This second arrest occurred in Arizona. A White Sox spokesman said they were aware of the incident before they hired him.

A Twitter user wrote a letter to Stroman asking him, “How much money do you need to play for an old and racist liquor?”

Back in Boston, the Red Sox ‘Cora is determined to make a comeback;

“Honestly no money. Peace of mind is always a priority, ”Stroman reiterated.

USA Today Sports reported A senior White Sox official said La Rossa was not in danger of losing his job or receiving any discipline from the team.

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Stroman, who returned to All-Star in 2019, suffered from a torn left calf muscle, which he missed early in the 2020 season. However, after a complete recovery, Stroman decided to retire from the rest of the season due to the corona virus, which ended his one-year term. New York Mets

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