Maria Kolesnikova: Belarusian opposition, three main members kidnapped in Minsk

Opposition figure Maria Kolesnikova at an anti-government demonstration on August 23, 2020 in Minsk, Belarus

The Belarusian Coordination Committee said in a statement Monday that “unknown people in the center of Minsk” had kidnapped members of the Parliamentary Executive Committee, Maria Coles Nikovaa, press secretary Anton Rodenkov, Secretary General Ivan Kravchev.

Led by Belarus’s leading opposition candidate Svetlana Tihanovskaya, this parliament is an organization aimed at coordinating a peaceful and orderly power transition for the following reasons: Dispute elections in August.

In an interview with Christiane Amanpour on Monday, Tikhanovskaya said he was “convinced” that Kolesnikova was kidnapped. In Vilnius, Lithuania, she said that members of the mediation committee were “chased, kidnapped, and harassed.”

Tikhanovskaya said, “We are convinced that (Kolesnikova) was kidnapped in the morning, but we are not sure what happened after that, because there are no answers yet,” Tikhanovskaya said. “Maybe you have fled abroad or are still in jail.

Local news website reported that Coles Nikova was kidnapped Monday morning in the Belarusian capital, citing a witness named “Anastasia”.

CNN was unable to independently verify that the three opposition parties had been kidnapped. A council spokesman previously told CNN that the organization was unable to contact the trio by cell phone.

Belarusian authorities did not respond to CNN’s request for comment and did not publicly comment on the alleged kidnapping. Congress did not respond to CNN’s request for why it believed Rodnenkov and Kravtsov were kidnapped.

Tikhanovskaya told CNN, “Currently, members of the Coordinated Council I created are being chased, kidnapped, and harassed. And even now I am a lot of concern because I don’t know where Maria Kolesnikova is.”

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“We have been informed that she is going to Ukraine. We cannot confirm this. It may be fake news. It is not normal for organizations created to organize dialogue between the authorities and the state to be prosecuted.”

British Foreign Minister Dominic Rab also tweeted on Monday that he was “seriously concerned” about Coles Nikova’s welfare and called her safe return “a top priority.”

Reports of allegations of kidnapping came after anti-government protests in the United States for the fourth consecutive week. Unrest sparked in Belarus shortly after the election on August 9, when President Alexander Lukasenko claimed victory.

Lukashenko, who has ruled for 26 years and is often described as Europe’s last dictator, remained challenging despite protests.

In a vote that independent observers criticized for neither being free nor fair, Tihanovskaya was an opposition candidate. Since the election, tens of thousands of people have marched against the government in Minsk.

In a statement released Monday, Tihanovskaya said in a statement released Monday, “The regime is engaged in terrorism and there is no other name. The abductions of Maria Coles Nikova, Anton Rodenkov and Ivan Kravchev are an attempt to disrupt the work of the mediation committee,” Tihanovskaya said in a statement released Monday. . It won’t stop us. “

Sunday Mediation Committee is another prominent activist Olga Colvakova Blindfolded and put in the back of the car, they were flocked to a Belarusian border town near Poland and released to an uninhabited land by a special service of the state. She crossed over to Poland and was taken to Warsaw by bus.
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