Mariana Rios sighs in a few clicks of digital parade

Mariana Rios surge deslumbrante em desfile digital - Foto: Manuela Scarpa/Brazil News

Magnificent! Mariana Rios has already started the powerful week. Last Tuesday (26), the actress lavished beauty by participating in the recordings of the Garden Digital Show, a project created by Stella Jacintho, Fe Barbosa and Marcio Vicentini, and which brings together national brands to show the importance of fashion Brazilian economy.

Is Mariana Rios the new muse of the sertanejos? Watch the video!
Mariana Rios laughs at suspected new affair with the hinterland

With several different looks, the muse was showing good form and breathing with such beauty.

This will be the fifth edition of the project, which began in August, in the midst of a pandemic, with digital parades. The show was recorded at Le Jockey, will have Mariana Rios as ambassador and will be broadcast next Wednesday (3).

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Mariana Rios hands out bra and wins backcountry praise

Mariana Rios does not stop provoking her beauty and sensuality of Minas Gerais. The actress impacted her fans on social media by sharing a sexy click Monday afternoon (18).

In the black and white image, it is possible to observe that the beauty has given up on the bra, leaving part of the attribute on the screen, also highlighting the flat stomach.

“Hi,” she said.

In the sequence, the brunette received compliments from famous and famous spirits, including a well-known peasant.

“How cool,” singer Cesar Menotti commented.

Other internet users have also reacted to the registration.

“Magnificent”, “Linda”, “Very skinny”, “Perfect”, “Magnificent”, the followers on duty throbbed.

The actress wasted sensuality on the web

Mariana Rios poses in bikini and impresses flat stomach

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Perrengue before glory

Recently, Mariana Rios used her Instagram Stories to chat with her fans. The actress recalled a few missiles before the fame and her first international trip, which was to the Maldives.

“I said the first place I went was the Maldives. Look how funny I am. Before going on TV, I was just taking the bus. I didn’t even take a taxi. Often times I would take a bus tour, because I didn’t have the money for the second car. When I got into television, I started training. I went to work and started earning money. So I took my first flight. I flew from Rio de Janeiro to Uberlândia. . I remember my hand was sweating nervously, ”she began.

Mariana Rios laughs at suspected new affair with the hinterland

Then Mariana said that when she was on vacation, she decided to take her first trip.

“I had two months of vacation and said, ‘I want to do a passport and international travel. Where am I going to go?’. At that time, there was no Instagram. There has been a transition from Orkut to Twitter. And Google, YouTube too, these were very recent things, all very new. I went on Google and said, “Heaven”. When I put the word out, a sea appeared, I thought it was a screensaver. So I clicked and it said it was the Maldives Islands. João Paulo, my friend and owner of the agency that bought my bus tickets from Rio to Araxá. I said, “Do you know a place called the Maldives Islands?” And he said, “What? I don’t know, but I’ll get everything.” I wanted to go there to rest, to get to know this place, ”he says.

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Mariana Rios travels to meet Gusttavo Lima, columnist says

The artist also recalled that when she made the trip, the place was not as well known as it is today.

“Today people go there like when I lived in Araxá and went to Uberaba or Tapira,” she joked.

Mariana Rios poses in bikini and impresses flat stomach

Mariana Rios renews bronze and pulls sighs from the web

Magnificent! Mariana Rios sighed. The muse took advantage of the day to sunbathe and delighted her devotees with good form. In a bikini and in the sand, the actress breathed beauty and took her breath away.

Friends and fans have not spared the praise of the singer, who spends a few days in Trancoso, Bahia, at the Pousada Maria Bonita.

Mariana Rios denies affair with Gusttavo Lima: ‘I don’t know where they got it from’

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