Maybe an app will allow us to work in Australia and go to Singapore to drink coffee. It would be an adventure – Observe

Maybe an app will allow us to work in Australia and go to Singapore to drink coffee.  It would be an adventure - Observe

The story is relatively simple and common to many young people: someone has an idea (whatever it is), invests everything in it with enthusiasm, things do not go as planned, someone is easily discouraged, does not know not what to do, but in called Hora H – before the rest collapses – there is a friend who meets at a distance enough to resolve the issue. Mission: to save what can be saved. And it’s no surprise that other ideas come from this shared energy and vision.

Between the two, “the moral dilemmas” that cross generations, whether we are in 2021 or in the 1980s: how to deal with failure, the end of a romantic relationship, disillusionment, uncertainty about what the we want, the relationships within the workplace, the limits to be respected, the management of expectations and doubts about the end of love and the beginning of friendship (and vice versa).

We could, at this moment, write a testimony about the daily life of a millennium that several readers would identify, that’s for sure. But we wrote on a new book by Ana Maria Magalhães and Isabel Alçada, the authors of the collection – make way for nostalgia – “An Adventure”, which in the last story they wrote for the Portuguese Association of assurances (APS) wanted to demystify what it is to launch a startup and create one (or more) mobile application.

The book signed by the two authors is the fifth work of the Seguros e Cidadania collection

In “Maybe an App”, Mário helps Manel get around the fiasco that was his business attempt, while simultaneously trying to deal with the other spheres and concerns in their lives. There is also sport as a medium – in this case surfing – and the achievement of the initial objective: to channel, then, the story towards the insurance sector. The aim of APS and the authors is to educate young people that options for the future may include new business ideas in the sector and also contribute to education related to financial issues.

“We’ve collaborated with APS, writing stories with characters, but that in a way makes young people aware of the social value of insurance and their interest in protecting people. The general theme is as follows, but we have free rein to write about what we want and organize the story as we see it, ”Isabel Alçada told the Observer in a video call interview. To discover the world of mobile applications and startups, they had the help of a few experts. When it came to surfing, they relied on the teachings of one of Isabel’s grandchildren.

“There are a lot of subjects that we really know a little about, but not enough to write a story and the ideal is to talk to those who know, who tell us a lot and who give a lot, we will take advantage of the essential, whichever suits us best. And that was very interesting, ”he adds.

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