McDonald’s client rescues employee from knife holder: ‘He wanted to kill her’

McDonald's client rescues employee from knife holder: 'He wanted to kill her'

At the very least, this guy deserves some free food.

A McDonald’s The customer saved the day he stepped in for a recovery Worker Who was threatened by a man with a knife. Fortunately, the situation had a happy ending and the worker is said to have escaped without any injuries.

The incident took place at a McDonald’s in Stockport, England US Sun. Reports. Josh Ram is said to have been outside the restaurant when he saw the restaurant staff running out of the building.

When he went inside for questioning, he found a female employee holding a knife in the drive-through area.

While Colorado in-n-out customer losses are waiting in line for a new location,

“That person just said he wanted to kill her because he didn’t get any help,” Ram told The Sun. “It’s a very serious situation, but I tried to connect with him. Two minutes later the police arrived, but they were happy to let him talk.”

Fortunately, Ram not only trains judo, but also wears a boxer at the time because he also serves as a security guard.

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The stand is said to have continued for 10 minutes before Ram finally persuades the man to release the woman. Ram said the suspect then hugged a bear and held him until authorities stopped the person handling the knife.

The suspect is said to have been arrested and detained under the country’s mental health law.

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Fortunately, the 24-year-old McDonald’s employee escaped the incident without major injuries and thanked Ram for risking his life to save himself.

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On Facebook, when Ram was scared, he admitted, “What did he do?” [he] Had to do. “

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