McDonald’s makes its own McPlant meat-free burgers

McDonald's makes its own McPlant meat-free burgers

McDonald’s plans to test a meat-free burger as part of the McBland menu options expected to launch next year, it has been confirmed Monday blog post. Administrator of the fast food chain Told CNBC McPlant was created for “McDonald’s and McDonald’s” but refused to identify their supplier.

In an email to CNET, the company stated that it had not announced which suppliers it would work with at the Mac Plant.

However, a Beyond Meet spokesman told CNET on Monday that McDonald & Co. had “co-created the plant-based grandmother” that would be part of the McPlant site. McDonald’s A test ran With meat beyond the Canadian branches last year.

Beyond meat Beyond the burger And Impossible Foods’ Impossible Burger There are Big names In plant-based strips that look and taste like real stuff. Burger King released a plant-based burger made by Impossible Foods last year, CNBC reported. McDonald did not respond to a request for comment.

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