Meghan Markle and Prince Harry counterattack on Netflix reality show rumors after Outrage | Royal | news

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry counterattack on Netflix reality show rumors after Outrage |  Royal |  news

It was reported that Meghan and Harry originally planned to make a reality TV show about their lives.Despite the fact that the agent has refused the claim since then. The Netflix deal sparked accusations from royal commentators who believed that Megan and Harry were abusing their titles to gain influence in contract negotiations. Crime Prevention Secretary Norman Baker said Good Morning Britain Harry “divorced from the royal family” and “definitely exploited” his relationship with Buckingham Palace. “HRH means he represents the UK abroad and does not represent the UK abroad. He was clearly divorced from the royal family in practical terms. “

Despite the denial, insiders close to the couple claimed to have released a home video of their life as royalty on Netflix, according to the Daily Mail.

The Sussex royal family announced a £112 million deal with the streaming giant.

The couple was initially believed to be looking at the role of producers rather than the on-screen performance with the deal.

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Representatives of Meghan and Harry adamantly ruled out the possibility of a Sussex royal reality show.

In a statement to the Deadline, the representative said, “The Duke and Duchess do not participate in any reality show.”

However, Netflix was more cautious about the details and refused to check what the couple would make.

They told RadioTimes: “The couple are already working on several projects, including innovative nature documents and an animated series celebrating inspiring women, but at this time they are not releasing any programming slates.”

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Sources close to the couple said that Megan and Harry would follow the camera for three months to capture their daily lives.

They added: “They may have had all these noble ideas for epic productions that highlight environmental causes and poverty gaps, but Netflix definitely wants to live.

“Many documentaries are about charity work rather than what happens behind closed doors.

“But it will still be a fascinating insight, and Meghan wants viewers to see her in real life.”

Meghan and Harry’s £1m deal with Netflix followed their decision to withdraw from the royal family in March.

Since then, the couple has moved to Montecito, California, and they have bought their first home before signing the streaming giant.

Exact details of the couple’s contract with Netflix have not been disclosed, but rumors have circulated that Meghan and Harry are more involved in the production.

In a statement, the two said they will focus on “producing content that provides information and gives hope.”

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