Mercedes Benz EQS Introduces MBUX Hyperscreen System

Mercedes Benz EQS Introduces MBUX Hyperscreen System

100% Electric Executive Saloon introduces the Mercedes-Benz EQS MBUX Hyperscreen System, which has a 55-inch screen with OLED technology between both pillars and software capable of learning.

A new era in the design of dashboards Mercedes Benz The MBUX starts at the hyperscreen system, which will be released in the electric version of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, EQS.

At 55 inches, the curved unit extends from pole to pole and in which a Software With learning capabilities, it adapts the screen and operating concept to the user and provides customized suggestions.

In addition, the user does not have to go through various submenus or use voice commands because the most important applications are always on screen with OLED technology.

“With our MBUX hyperscreen, the design vision becomes a reality,” says the design director Daimler, Gordon Wagner. “We combine design with technology in an attractive way that provides customers with unprecedented ease of use. We love simplicity and have reached the new level of MBUX.”

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The curved panel incorporates multiple screens, including analog ventilation outputs, which create a connection between the physical and the digital world. The screen has a continuous plastic structure around it, with ambient lights integrated down, giving the impression that the hyperscreen is floating on the instrument panel.

Passenger based screen

The traveler also has his own screen, which can be customized up to seven different profiles. It should be noted that the functions of Entertainment The passenger screen is only available during travel (in accordance with the law in force in each country).

For example, if the passenger seat is empty, the screen becomes a simple digital decorative piece, with animated stars. All graphics have a new blue / orange color scheme.

MBUX hyperscreen

As for recommendations, artificial intelligence presents many alternatives that the user can accept or reject with a simple click.

For example, if the user calls the same person on a particular day of the week, the MBUX system will remember and ask if you would like to make the call at a specific date and time. MBUX’s suggestions are linked to the user’s profile, so this recommendation will not be passed on to anyone else who leads Car.

O MBUX Hyperscreen to Future Mercedes EQS

In terms of hardware, Daimler says there are 12 actuators behind the touch screen. Processing power, it has eight CPU cores, 24GB of RAM and 46.4GB of bandwidth per second.

“The MBUX hyperscreen is the brain and nervous system of the car,” says executive Sajjad Khan. Mercedes Benz. Without the user having to click or go through any menu, MBUX can get to know the Hyperscreen client well and provide customized and customized infotainment.

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