Messaging application will be discontinued on Android smartphones without Google services

App Mensagens da Google deixará de funcionar em smartphones Android não certificados

The use of Google News is one of the most widely used for this purpose in Android smartphones, which is already pre-installed in the common way. The application is useful and useful, in fact, most users do not expect an alternative.

However, soon, non-certified Android smartphones will see the crash of an app like the latest Huawei, so it will be necessary to look for an alternative.

Application messages stop working

Google News is one of the most popular messaging apps and one of the most selected by manufacturers to equip their smartphones.

This application is easy to use, very complete and effective in its purpose. For this reason, most users do not even think about finding an alternative. But that is likely to change soon.

According to the XDA Developers website, Google will be restricting this service from April.

Smartphones outside the GMS certification process

On March 31, the use of Google News will stop working on uncertified Android smartphones. That is, on those models that were ignored or canceled during Google's official certification process Google Mobile Services (GMS).

This is one of the Google apps, for example on Huawei smartphones, because GMS access controls do not question the app. However, on Google News version 7.2.203, the following message was identified in a string:

On March 31, messages will stop working on unconfirmed devices, including this one.

According to the website, this decision may be due to the compatibility of the new end-to-end encryption function that will soon be used for the RCS client of the message application. Without GMS, Google can no longer guarantee the security of communications on an uncertified smartphone.

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