Messi continues to make history for Barcelona (even at the end of his contract) – spectator

Messi continues to make history for Barcelona (even at the end of his contract) - spectator

For more than three months, the question has inevitably come up again and again: after all, how is Lionel Messi? New Year, new life with the usual old hero: after all, where will Lionel Messi go? “First, after the holidays, he trained on the 30th and 31st. Then, I think we need to understand the situation. He gave an interview where he doesn’t want to make any decisions now, but like any player at the end of the contract, what he wants,” he said. He is free to decide how he wants. He showed that he wants the best for the team and now we don’t need to worry or worry about not deciding anything. At this club its performance, its visuals and its importance are so high that over the years I have seen games that the team did not do well and Leo solved. So this is the best in the world, ”said coach Ronald Coman.

After a long-distance defeat to Cadiz (followed by a defeat to Juventus at Camp Nou), the Dutchman left the team with no room for further mistakes in the league, unable to make amends under the limited penalty for first place. After that “touch to collect”, the team returned home against Valencia and in the final round, to welcome Eber. In all, before the start of the day, there were already ten points behind Attlee. Madrid (which is less than a game) and eight from Real Madrid (with one more game). “It simply came to our notice then. The team wants to change Chip, Mood. We need to improve performance. I need a little more luck and I don’t think so, “he told Husca before the game.

With so many injuries in the regulations (Bhikkhu, Sergei Roberto or Anshu Pathi) who have been out for three months (out of Biku, Sergei Roberto or Anshu Pathi), all the attention was focused on the regular suspect, he considered only in an interview with La Sexta at the end of the season amidst numerous criticisms of former president Joseph Maria Bartomeu do it. “He cheated on me in many things over the years. The last was hard. If I go to court I know I’m right, but I don’t want to leave Barcelona like that. I should have gone to a psychologist, but I didn’t want to. Knowing that I need it, it costs me to take that action. I have a hard time opening myself up and keeping everything to myself. Owner of a spa? It motivates me. They say I choose coaches and players, but I can not be more than that, ”he said, referring to other topics such as Suarez’s understanding of leaving as a direct competitor.

Tonight, Lionel Messi is playing not only his 750th game for Barcelona, ​​but also his 500th in the Spanish league, and is close and close to the historic record of Xavi Hernandez, who has played 767 games and 505 matches in the Championship. These are just two of the few records (not yet) to lead (yet) with more wins (368), more goals (451), more titles (444) and more titles (ten) in the Championship for Championship. blaugrana. In all 16 years, After debuting at 17 years old Olympico de Montjuic replaces Deco in the game against Espanyol.

Again, and despite scoring, Argentina returned to Barcelona in a match with Tempel and Sergio Busquets as one of the main highlights, which ended in a goalless draw with Husca, with a goal from Frankie de Jong, with the help of Messi Ranked 185th in 500 league games (plus 451 goals). If the captain can’t manage the influence of other seasons in numbers, especially when it comes to goals, he continues to deliver and sell football that was not delivered due to the display of goalkeeper Alvaro Fernandez, especially as he created a plane to divert the corner with the first direct free kick.

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