Messi in bad shape: Argentina risk four suspensions – Barcelona

Messi in bad shape: Argentina risk four suspensions - Barcelona

Barcelona striker sent off in Spanish Super Cup final against Athletic Bilbao

Lionel Messi was sent to the Spanish Super Cup final against Athletic Bilbao, the referee examined the VAR images and considered it Barcelona’s Argentine striker attacked Asian Villalipre, Advanced from Passover.

When he sees the live red, Messi will automatically be ruled out of the next Barcelona match – on Thursday, against Cornell, counting for the Kings Cup – but the Plugrana jersey ’10 ‘risk a four-game suspension.


Ronald Coman: Mess I understand Messi.  I do not know how many abuses have been committed against him before

According to ‘As’, the rival team of the Royal Spanish Football Association depends on the disciplinary article applicable in analyzing this process. If the gesture of Argentina is considered aggressive, Messi cannot escape the sanction of four games because this is the minimum number of matches used in these events – the maximum is 12.

Lionel Messi, Spanish referee and out of range Registration In the refereeing cases, Idralt Gonzalez considered the Barcelona player well expelled tonight. “They have to kick Messi out because there’s a hand movement. It’s a kick. Villaliprey enters and Messi frees his hand.

Written by Andre Antoine Pereira

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