Mic blocked at Thursday’s presidential debate, allowing 2 minutes reply

Mic blocked at Thursday's presidential debate, allowing 2 minutes reply

President Donald Trump is speaking at the first presidential debate against Joe Biden on September 29th.

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WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden will cut off microphones from discussions on Thursday and rivals will provide opening two-minute answers on each topic of discussion.

The 90-minute discussion is divided into six 15-minute segments, with each candidate giving 2 minutes to speak without interruption before proceeding with the public discussion. There is no mute button in the public debate portion of the debate, but the interruption of both candidates is included in the second and last debate times on Thursday.

The nonpartisan presidential debate announced a rule change three weeks after the chaotic opening between the two presidential rivals, which are often halted by Trump.

The committee faced pressure from the Trump campaign to avoid changing the rules, and Biden’s team was looking forward to a more orderly discussion. In a statement, the Committee said in its statement that it “deterred that it was appropriate to adopt measures to promote compliance with the agreed rules and that it was inappropriate to change these rules.”

Trump plans to attend the discussion on Thursday despite the rules change.

Trump campaign manager Bill Steffien said that Trump “will debate Joe Biden, regardless of the committee’s last minute rule change, biased in a recent attempt to provide an advantage to a preferred candidate.”

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