Michael Thomas: NFL’s escrow proposal has to be a joke

Michael Thomas: NFL's escrow proposal has to be a joke

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The NFLPA knowledgeable its board of player reps that the league has proposed putting 35 p.c of participant salaries in escrow in order to support take care of the envisioned revenue losses in the course of the 2020 year and it has not been fulfilled with a heat response by players.

Tom Pelissero of NFL Media noted that NFLPA exec Don Davis told all those reps on a convention get in touch with that the union’s reaction was to inform the league to “kick rocks” when they put forth the proposal. Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas posted a pair of tweets in response as well.

In the very first, Thomas wrote that “everyone will sit out and not play until finally they get their stuff together prior to we do this.” That elicited a reaction from Patrick Mahomes that Thomas replied to by creating that the proposal “has to be a joke” and that “Roger and those house owners superior use their billions and put it in escrow or plan accordingly.”

Thomas added that “our wellbeing is way extra important” and other NFL gamers have shared equivalent sentiments about putting aside wage although enjoying throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. That is not likely to stop team owners for on the lookout for approaches to claw again salary to make up for any lost revenue and the difficulty remains a single that will have to be hammered out with the season approaching swiftly.


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