Michigan prepares for training, with growing confidence in the state of the Ohio state game

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After all, you can play the game.

Last week, the Ohio State vs. Michigan game was in serious danger as Michigan suspended all individual team activities after the COVID-19 issues and canceled last week’s game against Illinois.

But as of Monday, distrust from Ann Arbor seems to be on the rise as Michigan is reportedly getting ready to start limited workouts on Monday as well as this week’s game against Ohio State.

The state of Ohio took a similar stance last Monday, with the Buckeyes team returning to action with limited workouts on Monday before returning to full training on Tuesday.

So far this season, the only Big Ten team to suspend team action due to positive COVID-19 tests has canceled only one game since the Buckies canceled the game against Ohio State and Illinois, but returned last week against Michigan State. If Michigan can play in the state of Ohio, it will become second place.

If the game is actually canceled, it will mark the first year that Ohio State and Michigan have not met on the football field since the 1917 season – before the Bucks even won a game in the series.

The total number of regular season matches of the canceled game Buckeye will be dropped below the six required to qualify for the Big Ten Championship game, unless Ohio State can plan an alternative game.

Last month, Big Ten approved a process to plan a new game against another Big Ten team, the same week if both of their games were canceled by the opponent due to COVID-19 issues, given that both teams were not dealing with the ‘COVID-19 explosions themselves and playing the new game that week Schedule by Wednesday.

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