Michigan’s Whitmer said this week’s Trump event was’pain’, but Biden event OK: report

Michigan appeals court backs Whitmer's use of emergency powers amid coronavirus pandemic

both President Trump And Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden We are planning a campaign event in Michigan this week, but according to one report, the state governor approves only one of them.

Gov. Gretchen WhitmerDemocrats said the Trump event planned for Thursday was “very painful.” On the other hand, the Biden event planned for Wednesday was fine for her, the Detroit Free Press reported.

The difference is that the Biden event will encourage attendees to wear masks, Whitmer said. Corona virus Precautionary Measures-She wasn’t sure about the Trump case.

Residence of Democratic Governor MICHIGAN undergoing security upgrades, including new perimeter fence

Whitmer made a remark Tuesday evening while appearing on CNN the same night that President Trump attended a rally in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Behind the president on Tuesday night, many supporters could be seen wearing bright red masks that read “TRUMP” or “MAGA”.

But Whitmer told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that he was worried that Trump would encourage attendees of his Michigan events to arrive without a mask.

“We expect him to come down from the state and probably encourage people to not wear masks,” Whitmer said. “This is very painful. I want to see the leaders of our country accept the mask and encourage people to do the right thing.”

Whitmer said there were no similar concerns about the event of Biden, who considered Whitmer his running mate before choosing US Senator Kamala Harris, D-Calif.

Whitmer said of the Biden campaign, “I know they are following science closely. They want to keep their supporters and the general public safe.”

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CNN’s Cooper asked Whitmer if he planned to convey his concerns to the Trump campaign, but did not respond directly to the question. Free press coverage.

“Without doubting that there will be people who want to appear at that (Trump) event, he will lead the man himself,” she said. “You can be vigilant and get COVID-19.”

In the interview Michigan State 9 & 10 News On Tuesday, Whitmer said the controversy over the mask was the hardest battle involving the coronavirus in her state, and the decision to shut down the school was the hardest for her.

President Trump will appear in an airport hangar near Freeland’s MBS International Airport, about 116 miles northwest of Detroit, on Thursday at 7pm.

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Biden will appear on Wednesday at 1:15 pm in Warren, about 20 miles north of downtown Detroit.

Whitmer was one of the most vocal governors in the United States supporting coronavirus mitigation efforts. Due to her order, protests against her policy were frequent near Lansing’s Statehouse and her state residence.

The residence will soon Over $1 million security upgradesIncludes an 8-foot barrier around the property Detroit news reported last week.

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