Microsoft Edge gets a great security innovation!

Microsoft Edge gets a great security innovation!

It is not a lie that Microsoft Edge, which is based on the Chromium engine, is far more powerful in terms of security. You will soon receive a new feature that allows users to track issues in their accounts. In addition, it also suggests strong passwords.

Microsoft Edge gets a great security innovation!

So, this month, Microsoft will add three major improvements. We have alerts for password infringement, vertical tab navigation and the ability to suggest passwords as I mentioned above. These improvements are expected to be shipped with the Microsoft Edge 88 based on Chromium 88.

Of course, for new security functions to work, there are certain requirements. Therefore, the accounts must be synchronized with the Microsoft account. We are aware of any fraudulent activity that may occur “with our possessions”.

But more news is coming in like the vertical separators I mentioned above.

Vertical separators

On the Microsoft Edge 88, you can switch between vertical and horizontal tabs with the new button on the left. When the verticals are activated, they appear on the left side.

Tab preview

In January, Microsoft plans to support the Tab Preview function. So, as the name implies, hover your mouse over a tab to see the site. This can be very useful when opening multiple tabs.

Microsoft Edge Security

Separator warning

Microsoft Edge is entitled to a new function, which will display a warning message when multiple tabs are closed. So, if enabled, users will see a pop-up message with two options. Cancel or close all tabs. If you do not like this message, you can select the “Do not ask again” option.

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