Microsoft follows Apple and builds its own chips for servers and surface hardware

Microsoft follows Apple and builds its own chips for servers and surface hardware

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Microsoft works on its own hand processors – primarily for the Azure cloud. Processors for surface line can also be expected in the long run.

As Bloomberg Reports suggest that Microsoft is working on a hand-based chip design for servers within the Azure Cloud. With this, the manufacturer should want to reduce its dependence on Intel because the news magazine claims to have learned from company related sources.

Server chips for the Azure cloud are active

The same sources have revealed that Microsoft – albeit with a long horizon – is working on a hand chip in the surface product line. Shares of Intel fell 6.3 percent to $ 47.46, according to a Bloomberg report. Overall, Intel lost 21 percent in the Corona year.

Microsoft’s action may come as a surprise at first glance, but it’s been a while since the competition. Especially in cloud computing, your own chips are seen as an advantage. Amazon in particular is setting considerable speed here. According to its own information, the cloud agent achieves significant cost and performance benefits in this way.

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Surface chips in response to Apple M1?

According to Bloomberg, a native surface chip should not be expected, at least in the near future. One concludes with Jason Zander that the chip design department has a different boss than the surface unit with Banos Pano. Unable to get feedback from Microsoft or Arm.

Microsoft spokesman Frank Shaw confirmed that chips are part of the foundation of their own technologies. However, Shaw emphasizes that Microsoft maintains and continues to maintain extensive collaboration with numerous chip developers.

If Microsoft trusts their hand designs for surface chips, the manufacturer will do so Apple Follow it on your own M1-chips Recently caused a stir, thus saying goodbye to Intel. The first tests confirm the move. The chips will become faster and cheaper.

In fact, Microsoft has already bet some people on this space Surface devices Hand processors a. Microsoft uses Qualcomm chips for this. There was a compatible version of Windows 10 A prosperous developer Recently it worked on the M1 chip.

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